Endocrinology & Metabolism

We offer a full range of endocrinology services and treatment, including individualized diabetes education. Each member of our care team is dedicated to improving the health and lives of those we serve.

Our mission is to improve the health status, productivity, and quality of life of our patients by empowering them and their families to self manage their chronic illnesses as effectively and safely as possible.

Endocrinology deals with problems in the endocrine system—a system of glands that make hormones. These hormones help control many different functions within the body, such as the rate of metabolism, bone health, growth and reproduction.

Hormones also coordinate nutrition within the body. The endocrine glands include the thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries, testes, adrenal, pituitary and hypothalamus. Endocrinologists can recognize and uncover hormone problems and help restore the body’s natural balance.

Hormones initiate and regulate reproduction, growth and development, and responses to stress and the environment. These natural chemicals also increase the body´s efficiency and regulate activity levels, metabolism, appetite, thirst, digestion, blood circulation, salt and water balance and the excretion of metabolic waste.