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At Sharon E. Selinger, M.D., P.C., & Associates, we are a single-specialty group focused on delivering individualized, patient-centered care for the full spectrum of endocrine, metabolic, and diabetic disorders. Our board-certified physicians, Dr. Sharon Selinger, Dr. Daniel Huberman and Dr. Leonid Vydro are dedicated, compassionate professionals offering the latest in care for their patients.

Whether tailoring a multidisciplinary plan to help control blood sugars or performing an ultrasound-guided needle biopsy of a thyroid nodule, our doctors strive to provide thoughtful, personalized, up-to-date evaluations and management of each patient’s endocrine and metabolic concerns.

At our practice, we believe success can be achieved most effectively and meaningfully through active mutual collaboration between a motivated, actively-involved patient and a dedicated, receptive healthcare team. Our goal is to always provide a welcoming atmosphere for open discussions and exchanges of information.

About Us

The complex and dynamic nature of many endocrine disorders demands a comprehensive and dynamic team approach to ensure the best possible results. Our team is spearheaded by NYU-trained, board-certified specialists in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism.

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Health Conditions

Endocrinologists provide treatment for a wide range of functions and disorders of the human body, such as diabetes, infertility, metabolism, thyroid disorders and cancers, growth hormone deficiencies, heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity, and hormonal imbalances.

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Patient Care

Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of our patients by empowering them and their families to manage their chronic illnesses as effectively and safely as possible. The skills of an endocrinologist are necessary for complicated disorders.

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