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Osteoporosis Treatment

Endocrinology Doctors for Osteoporosis treatment in Summit, NJ

Osteoporosis is a common bone disease in which bones become thinner and more porous. It affects both men and women and occurs when the body fails to form new bone. After menopause, women are at an increased risk for bone loss and osteoporosis. Men at older ages are also at risk.

During the course of your life, the body needs phosphate and calcium to build bones. If your dietary intake of these minerals is not sufficient, or if the body does not absorb enough of the minerals from your diet, bone production and bone tissue will suffer, resulting in brittle and fragile bones. These bones are then associated with a higher risk of fracture. Our doctors are experts in diagnosing and treating low bone mass (osteopenia) and osteoporosis, and we believe that preventing bone fractures is a priority.

A bone density test is used to diagnose osteoporosis by measuring bone mineral content and the strength of the bones. A low bone density test result can indicate that you might be at risk for future bone fractures. The test can also show the rate of bone mineral loss and bone gain for those receiving treatment.

Bisphosphonates, such as Fosamax® and Actonel®, are the most common medications prescribed for osteoporosis treatment. There are also newer drugs available and many in the pipeline.